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Virtual Personal Training Requirements


The private, virtual training via Google Meet / Zoom are one-on-one, 45-90 minutes sessions that is a great addition to the Lifestyle Management program to strengthen the client-consultant relationship and provide a much-needed dose of accountability.

Private workout sessions will give us an opportunity to come together, customize your exercise programming, and work towards your fitness goal.


  • Mac/PC or iPad/Tablet
  • 32″ or Greater LED Screen
  • USB-C to HDMI or HDMI-to-HDMI Cable
  • Zoom and/or Google Meet Application for Mac/PC, iPad or Tablet
  • Webcam (Wide Angle) with Integrated Microphone or External Microphone
  • Good (ideally, natural) Lighting
  • Minimum (Dedicated) Speed for 1080p HD Video: 5-8 Mbps (up/down) –

A computer or webcam integrated microphone and speaker system may be enough for a small room but a mid-sized or larger room, you will need to use a separate microphone and speakers that are built-in or external to the LED TV or Monitor.

If you are using external speakers, be sure to face the speakers away from the microphone.

Position cameras at eye level for better eye contact. If your camera is atop a big screen, you may have to reposition it to the side of the screen. Your camera should also be far back enough to capture your entire room and more importantly, your entire body during exercise.

Connect your screen, microphone, and camera to your Mac/PC or iPad/Tablet. Then run Zoom or Google Meets app to join your virtual training session

To ensure you will have the required speed for virtual training, your internet package should have at least 100 Mbps download & 20 Mbps upload speed.

Before you keep reading, take an internet speed test to see where you stand: Take a Speed Test


For the most effective exercise regimen, the “must have” equipment is the minimum requirement to be approved for virtual training with Body Refined.

Resistance training improves your overall hormonal profile. It builds agility and prevents falls. It builds strength to protect from injury. It slows aging. It boosts mitochondrial function. It aids in the ability to heal from injury and infection.

Therefore, this list is composed of the must-have items you will need to do virtual one-on-one training with Body Refined.

“Must Have” Equipment

  • Yoga / Exercise Mat
  •  Adjustable Weight/Utility Bench
  • Individual or Adjustable Dumbbells (5 to 25lbs or more)
  • Resistance Bands
  • Loop Bands
  • Stability Ball

At the base level (literally), an exercise or yoga mat makes floor exercises way more comfortable, whether you are doing abs work on your back or push-ups on your knees.

You can get a great workout without a bench, but it can change up your whole routine when incorporating weight training.

Weightlifting workouts can be done with free weights or resistance bands.

The exercises you can do with dumbbells are seemingly endless with a range of weights to accommodate for different exercises and for the strength you will be gaining.

Resistance & Loop Bands are a core piece of equipment that should be a part of everyone’s home gym. They come in a variety of resistance levels from noticeably light to extremely heavy.

While stability balls are not exactly compact gym equipment, they are also an excellent way to work your abs since they challenge your stability.


There are a plethora of options available , from on-demand fitness classes to coaches offering basic plans to a complete one-on-one experience. While you may think you only want some guidance on what exercises you should do on which day (i.e. programming), you may learn as you go that you actually want something a little more personal.

With one-on-one training, the health coach at Body Refined will be watching your every move. Your training experience will mimic what you would experience in an in-person session and you will receive undivided attention.

Utilizing education, certifications and experience, know that it will be a personal, tailored program for where you are right now, and he will take you forward to where you want to be.

While other trainers may have the basic tools to help you meet your goals and big companies have the advanced technology, Body Refined will provide the personal touch, and the “big company” technology for an unparalleled digital personal training experience.