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The Body Refined “Lifestyle Management” program provides a science-based, healthcare-oriented approach to nutrition, exercise and lifestyle. Body Refined can serve as a bridge to help your client-patients learn and practice how to live a healthy lifestyle.

It is a Health & Wellness regimen that is centered around establishing habits that will help your client-patients to adjust their lifestyle which in turn will promote good health by preventing, reducing, or eliminating diagnosed ailments.

All client-patients registered with Body Refined will receive an individualized plan that comes with continuous guidance to help them develop healthier habits while providing ongoing feedback and monitoring, to ensure a steady improvement in their health.

Body Refined wants to help your client-patients as well as your future client-patients. When your client-patient has reduced or eliminated their risk factors, Body Refined will continue to work with your client-patients at the discounted rate to help them maintain the improved health status.

Become a Medical Practice Partner

The Total Health Partner Program is for Medical Practices that want to build an integration between their consultation with patients and Body Refined’s lifestyle management regimen and accountability tools.

As a Body Refined partner, your patients will have full-access to a host of services to ensure they follow your guidance and direction to maintain or improve their current state of health.

Become a Personal Trainer Partner

The Total Health Partner Program is for personal and group physical fitness trainers that want to grow their businesses by providing an exceptional rotation of clients that consistently see results.

As a Body Refined partner, you’ll get exclusive resources for your clients to help you attract more clients while improving client retention. And for the duration of your partnership, you will be listed on the Body Refined front page. Giving you exposure to help increase your revenue generation for your business.

Become a Personal Chef Partner

The Total Health Partner Program is for Personal Chef’s and Meal Prep companies who want to transform their business model from mass to custom meal preparation or to simply add another revenue stream.

As a Body Refined partner, you’ll get access to a loyal base of clients that NEED your services. Our complimenting services will solidify your premium pricing for a premium steady revenue stream.

The Total Health Partner Program is designed for a mutually beneficial relationship.

The Total Health Partner program could be a $ GAINFUL $ partnership by increasing your client-patient success rate which in turn would increase retention and attract even more client-patients.

With this partnership, we can take a big step in providing your client-patients with innovative and improved nutrition & lifestyle counseling to help compliment your service.

Become a Medical Practice Partner

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