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7 Signs You May Be Suffering from Inflammation

Inflammation is a problem that impacts millions of Americans of every age, and many of us suffer from chronic inflammation that seems to never go away. There are many different things that can lead to inflammation, some of which lead to temporary inflammation and others that require treatment before the symptoms can ease. What are some of the signs that you should look for that indicate you might be suffering from inflammation?

1.     Stiff or Painful Joints

When you have a hard workout or change up your daily activities, it’s normal to have a little bit of tenderness or tightness as a result. This is healthy and normal, and it merely indicates that your body is responding to the extra work you did. However, if you experience joints that are slightly painful or stiff and it continues without changes to your exercise, lifestyle or diet, it’s an indication that you might be suffering from inflammation. Joint pain is often one of the first signs of chronic inflammation that people experience, and it can also indicate that there is another condition occurring like lupus, gout, rheumatoid arthritis or something else entirely.

2.     Digestive Issues

Inflammation can occur throughout the body, including in your digestive system. Most people will occasionally experience diarrhea or gas, but ongoing digestive problems could be an indicator of suffering from inflammation. Some of the signs that you have digestive inflammation include bloating, loose stools, urgency when you need to use the bathroom and cramping. These are also symptoms of other conditions like irritable bowel syndrome and food allergies, so you should always speak to your doctor to determine if additional testing needs to be performed.

3.     Swollen Lymph Nodes

One of the most frightening signs that you may be suffering from inflammation is swollen lymph nodes, and one that is very swollen can be a shock to discover. There are multiple lymph nodes located all over your body, including under your armpits, near the groin and in your neck. These swell when there is something going wrong in your body, and they often are the first indicator that something is not right. You can have swollen lymph nodes from a cold or the flu, but you also might have them due to a lingering infection in your body or persistent inflammation.

4.     Clogged Sinuses

Even when allergy season is over, do you have sinuses that are persistently clogged? There are many different ways that suffering from inflammation can manifest in your body, and they can look a little bit different for everyone. One of the ways that the body might become inflamed is with inflamed nasal cavities. This often feels the same as having clogged sinuses, but instead it manifests in the form of pressure in the nasal cavity, a stuffy nose or water eyes. Inflammation can take a variety of forms as the body works hard to fight off foreign bodies and protect itself, and it’s important to determine what the root cause is.

5.     Lingering Brain Fog

Do you feel like sometimes you can’t think of things that are on the tip of your tongue? Do you frequently forget where your statement was going or blank when asked a question? Brain fog and inability to think clearly could be signs that you are suffering from inflammation. For many patients, once they take steps to treat their chronic inflammation, they will find that lingering symptoms like brain fog are magically cleared up and lifted. Lifestyle changes are one way that you can help impact chronic inflammation. A diet that is filled with fruit and vegetables and proper exercise are two simple ways that you can work to limit inflammation and start feeling better again. Body Refined can help you get started on your health journey and pinpoint ways to improve your inflammation without medical intervention.

6.     Excessive Belly Fat

What shape is your body? The way that your fat is distributed is typically determined by your genetics, but it can also be influenced by inflammation. Carrying excessive fat around your midsection, or looking like an apple shape, will increase your risk for diabetes and heart disease. Belly fat secretes inflammatory compounds that can increase your body’s inflammation response, so if you have lingering belly fat around your waist you probably are already suffering from inflammation without knowing it. Changing your diet and exercise and prioritizing your health can help to remove your belly fat and subsequently lower your inflammation levels.

7.     Higher Blood Pressure

Have you experienced any slight increases in your blood pressure? While these might seem like nothing to worry about, even a small increase can indicate that there is inflammation present in your body that is causing it to rise. Low-grade inflammation can contribute to hypertension, which increases your blood pressure over time and causes your blood vessels to stiffen and become damaged. Anti-inflammatory foods are one way to better manage your blood pressure and lower your inflammation levels. Much like belly fat, there is a close relationship between high blood pressure and inflammation levels, so lowering one of them can help to lower the other. We are here to support you however we can in your health journey.

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Author : Kurt Dixon