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6 Tips for Eating Healthy While Working from Home

Working from home can make it hard to stay healthy. Even though you’re in the same place as all of your food so you can make healthy choices and easily step away from the computer to do a quick workout, that doesn’t mean it is easy to do! Eating healthy while working from home takes effort. How can you make sure you eat well even though you aren’t leaving the house for lunch?

1. Don’t Work By the Kitchen

If possible, set up your workspace and desk somewhere that is not next to, in or right near the kitchen. When you are constantly within eyesight of everything delicious that you picked up at the grocery store as you work, it’s too easy to get up and spend all day snacking. As a rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to plan a trip to the kitchen for breakfast (if you don’t eat before you start work), lunch and an afternoon snack. Pretend your kitchen is a restaurant and that it is “closed” between meals.

2. Make Sure You Eat

Another common challenge when eating healthy while working from home is remembering to eat in the first place. If work is busy and you don’t want to step away from the desk, you might end up not eating all day and then be ravenous by the time you clock out. This can lead to overeating and snacking at dinner and when in front of the TV at night. Set an alarm on your phone to eat during your workday and learn how to stay in tune with your hunger signs so you can recognize them early.

3. Meal Prep Lunches and Snacks

Another way to practice eating healthy when working from home is planning and preparing your workday meals in advance. Just like you would pack a lunch before you head to the office, practice packing your lunch every day. Something as simple as a salad kit, precut snacking vegetables, grilled chicken, mixed nuts or a piece of fruit can be packed into a reusable bag or container to make a quick and easy lunch. Make sure that your lunches incorporate fiber, protein, fruit, vegetables and healthy fats to keep you satiated.

4. Drink Enough Water

Avoid soda and other sugary drinks that are easy to over consume during the workday. Dehydration is a big problem for many desk workers, and it can make you feel tired and give you a headache. Fill up a reusable cup or water bottle and make sure that you drink it throughout the day. If there is water sitting on your desk and within your sight, it will remind you to take a drink regularly. If you have trouble remembering to drink enough water over the course of the day, set an alarm on your phone or use a tracking app to ensure you are on track.

5. Keep Your Kitchen Clean

While you can avoid a great deal of snacking during the workday, there are times when you want a treat from the kitchen. Keeping your kitchen free from junk food or food loaded with sugar and salt that will give you a temporary good feeling but leave you feeling sick later is a good way to stay healthy. One of the most important parts of eating healthy while working from home is surrounding yourself with quality food that keeps your body and mind feeling good and fit.

6. Do One Thing at a Time

Are you someone who eats while working? Do you watch television as you snack? Focus on doing one thing at a time when eating. Many times, when we are distracted by other tasks, we overeat and don’t fully enjoy our food. Take a moment to fully step away from your desk to enjoy your breakfast, your lunch and your afternoon snack. Even if your workload is heavy for the day, this small shift in your eating habits can make eating healthy while working from home more enjoyable and easier to maintain. After all, we are building a healthy lifestyle and not just a healthy diet!

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Author : Kurt Dixon